Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
For Existing adult smokers & vapers only.

People oriented

RELX’s core concept has always been “global users at the center of what we do”. All of our products are designed to cater to those of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

We believe that good product design is not about showing off technological advancements — it is about always considering users first.

The power of shape

Influential design should start from the most basic shapes, such as squares, circles and triangles. While they may seem bland on their own, artists can combine and rearrange them into entirely different symbols that are at once familiar and unique.

For example, the triangle is an instantly recognizable symbol to people all over the world. However, after it was reinterpreted and innovated upon by Ieoh Ming Pei, it became a unique calling card for the Louvre.

Our awards

RELX i won the bronze at the Industrial Design Awards in the United States as well as the 2019 European Design Award. It was also shortlisted after the first round of the G Mark competition in Japan. We are proud that vaping devices and RELX’s design have earned global recognition and are more widely accepted by the public..

How we achieved it

The inception of RELX i: after 381 days of research and development, 91 days of long-cycle testing, 23 experiment designs, 6 rounds of user surveys and internal testing, and more than 13,900 engineered samples distributed, RELX(i) is at the peak of the industry in terms of its capacity to prevent oil leakages.

Research and development 381 days
Long-cycle testing 91 days
Experiment designs 23个
User surveys / internal testing 6 rounds
Engineering samples distributed 13900+