Warning: This product contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
For Existing adult smokers & vapers only.

Our vapor sensory evaluation system

We achieve good taste by evaluating the vapor experience against traditional cigarette smoking, in combination with other food-evaluation criteria.

RELX has determined an initial system to evaluate the vaping experience based on a number of sensory evaluation studies.

Sensory Evaluation of Food Principles and Practices
Cigarettes — Part 4: Technical Requirements for Sense Evaluation (GB5606.4)
Tobacco and Tobacco Products — The Sensory Evaluation Methods (YC/T138)
Cigarette — The Sensory Evaluation Methods for Chinese-Stylistic Features (YC/T 497)
Cigarette — The Sensory Comfort Evaluation Methods (YC/T 496)
Sensory Evaluation Methods for Chinese-Stylistic Cigarette Based on Consuming Experience (YC/T 564)
Sensory Analysis — Methodology — Evaluation of Food Products by Methods using Scales (GBT16290)
Methodology of Sensory Evaluation of Tea (GBT23776)
Method of Analysis for Chinese Spirits (GB/T 10345)
ISO 18794 Coffee — Sensory analysis — Vocabulary
GB15037 Wine Sensory Analysis

This system comprises a total of 76 evaluation indicators: 10 smoke comfort evaluation indicators, 9 bad breath evaluation indicators, 2 physiological satisfaction indicators, 4 psychological satisfaction indicators, and 51 smoke flavor evaluation indicators.

RELX's stringent E-liquid market evaluation system

“The screening of different e-liquids based on our sensory evaluation system is only the first step in the inception of a truly savory product. It is ultimately up to the user to decide which flavors will be available on the market. We have therefore developed a flavor-testing process comprised of internal testing and professional tasters. Based on the tasters’ feedback on a 20-part survey, we repeatedly adjusted our formulae to ensure that every one of our e-liquids on the market is of the highest quality. The inception of a new flavor requires at least 80 days and the participation of close to 500 people in our evaluation process. The formula is repeatedly adjusted nearly 100 times; the probability that a given sample will be released on the market is only 1.5‰ (1/100*30%*50%).”

Our approach to flavor

We recently published our research results in New Tobacco, and internal publication of the China National Tobacco Corporation pertaining to novel tobacco products.

Approval from the Tobacco Corporation

An inaugural article in China exploring the taste of vape pens, it was also the first time the publication printed an article by a company outside of the traditional tobacco industry.

Independent and stringent corporate standards for e-liquids

Surpassing the standards of relevant European Union and United States’ PMTA requirements regarding HPMCs, RELX has independently developed a more stringent and comprehensive version to address the limitation and detection of ingredients, referring to nearly 30 national standards for food safety.

Reliability studies into vape emissions: Cellular-safety assessments

In our mission to implement stringent standard to ensure quality product excellence, RELX conducted experiments and research regarding the impact of RELX e-liquids and traditional cigarettes on cell-growth curves, cell morphology and cloning ability.

Testing five types of healthy human ephithelial cells and eight types of human tumor cells, our study results demonstrate vapor from RELX products have a very weak effect on the normal growth, morphology and colony-forming ability of cells.

Comparatively, our findings show traditional cigarette smoke can significantly inhibit cell growth. Traditional cigarette smoke destroys cell morphology and structure, promotes shrinkage, detachment, and dissolution of particulate matter. Additionally, the cloning ability of certain cells can be inhibited entirely.

Groundbreaking research: Collaborations with Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology

Research regarding the regulation of nicotine addiction in the brain and molecular mechanisms has been taken to new heights through our collaboration with top scientists in the fields of neuroscience and tobacco addiction.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and working with top scientists in the fields of neuroscience and tobacco addiction, RELX R&D teams collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology to incorporate comparisons of psychological and physiological impacts on varying demographics, the optimization of vape components, and the evaluation of the physiological effects of other electronic vaping devices.

RELX is firmly of the opinion that there is much left to explore when it comes to vaping.
We hope that, at the same time as promoting our own development, we can also encourage the growth of the entire industry in order for us to bring safer vaping technology and products to consumers.